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With a new MRP system from The MRP Guys, you will be able to view critical information such as:

  • Where the product is on the shop floor

  • How much WIP (Work in Process) you have

  • Shortages in inventory

  • What you are shipping on a day-to-day basis

  • What you need to start today to meet future delivery dates, and what inventory you need

  • How much capacity you have open right now

  • Forecasts for capacity with your current order status

  • Where you are in relation to the forecast

  • Where each customer order is in the process

  • What you can move up easily to get product out the door

  • What serial/lot numbers went into a product for each customer

  • How much profit/labor/material is in each order

  • What order you need to start next

  • whether you are overloading your shop

  • why jobs are not moving

  • How much money you got out the back door today

  • what your team is building today

  • What the purchasing team needs to get you today

  • Whether you Can add more jobs to the floor

  • Whether you can I do a rush for a customer

  • Whether some of your products quicker than others

  • A parts list for the FDA/FAA/NRC

  • Cost breakdown on individual parts

  • And many more! 

Contact us today at 707-320-0620 or to tell us how we can help you.

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